Kristall Altenau LoylyMaster Level 1
Czeck Sauna Fest
Hungary Conference 2018
Basis Course Kristall Altenau
OVB dag in Hezemeer
Show-Aufguss Level1 Wiesbaden
Organizing Masters of Freestyle Aufguss
DMX Training Sinsheim
MasterClass Aqualaatzium
MasterClass Aqualaatzium
Event Seelze
Basis Cursus ShowAufguss Seelze
BasisCursus ShowAufguss Bad Wilsnack
Basis Cursus ShowAufguss Bad Wilsnack
Basic Training Show Aufguss Kristall Ludwigsfelde
Basic Training Show Aufguss Kristall Ludwigsfelde
Basic Training Show Aufguss Kristall Ludwigsfelde
Basic Training Show Aufguss Bad Hönningen
Aufguss-BK WearWaters
Intro Show Aufguss Kristall Kochel am See
Kristall Thermen Kochel am See
Modern/classic and show waving-techniques Badewelt Euskirchen
MasterClass in WaerWaters
MasterClass MeridianSpa
MasterClass Thermen Bussloo
Waving Training in Schenna Sud Tirol
Limes Therme Bad Gögging
Seminar DSB in TB
Grand Masters Tamina Thermen
Master Class Elsavamar
Master Class The Well
Training Bjerringbro Idrætspark
Basis Cursus AufgussMaster WaerWaters
Event F3
Global Wellness Summit
Master Class Ergomar
Aufguss Masters Academy training
DSB Seminar Satama
Bergila Franz Thnx
Aufguss Trophy CRON4
Thermen Bussloo Aufguss-Event
Seminar DSB Fellbach
Meridian Spa Aufguss Team
Meridian Spa Frankfurt
Obermain Therme Bad Staffelstein
MasterClass Aquardens
MasterClass Cascade
Czech SaunaFest
Sauna master class in WaerWaters
Sauna master class in WearWaters
The 3 technical
Visit Leszek in Palac Saturna
Certification MasterClass
Training in Farris Bad
Cooperation Aisa & ToWell
Visit Cascade
Visit Aquaderns Le Terme
Visit Cron4, Thnx Arnold
Event Aquaforum in Latsch
Rob, Andreas, Heili
Brasschaat, MasterClass
Seminar DSB in Therme Bussloo
Below please find an overview of my dear friends and business acquaintances

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